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Uncover Your True Biological Age From Our Groundbreaking A.I.-Driven Blood Analysis.

Find Out Your Inner Age Now. 

About Biological Age Testing
Become Younger From The Inside

Gain valuable insights into how your biomarkers influence your biological age, and uncover actionable steps to enhance your health and extend your lifespan.

Every individual ages at a unique pace, and the age stated on your driver's license may not accurately reflect your body's true internal age. With Young For Life, we delve into a comprehensive analysis of 17 biomarkers for men and 13 for women, enabling us to calculate your biological age, also referred to as your Biological Age. This program is specifically designed for those seeking to turn back time and obtain practical, scientifically supported techniques to ensure that your future holds your most fulfilling days.

Gain detailed insights into what's impacting your aging process with our AI-driven software.

Our advanced algorithms go beyond identifying generic "clinically normal" ranges to unveil your body's unique, optimal biomarker zones. Discover where you're optimized and where there's room for improvement. Our innovative AI software takes this even further by calculating whether your biomarker data is adding years to—or subtracting years from—your biological age.

Personalized nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle recommendations

Young For Life offers you precise and data-driven recommendations to enhance your health and increase your lifespan. With personalized daily guidance on nutrition, exercise, and supplement intake, our platform acts as a pocket-sized nutritionist and personal trainer. By incorporating these scientifically supported practices into your lifestyle, you can take tangible steps towards living a healthier and more fulfilling life for a longer duration.
What you'll get
Blood test and analysis (17 biomarkers for men, 13 biomarkers for women)
A Biological Age calculation
Personalized optimal biomarker zones
Longevity-focused Action Plan with nutrition, exercise, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations
Access to educational Courses videos that explore healthspan science
Connect Apple Watch, Fitbit, or Garmin activity tracker to the InsideTracker app
Secure, online portal with a customized dashboard

Live Healthier Longer
Your personal health analysis and data-driven wellness guide
Choose a plan that best fits your needs to get your comprehensive biomarker analysis, customized Action Plan, and customer-exclusive healthspan resources.
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How it works
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Step 1
Get started with a blood test
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Tell us about yourself
Step 3
Receive your recommendations
Step 4
Set your goal and spring into action
Step 5
Check-in and track your progress
Biomarkers Included with Inner Age

The Biological Age Plan includes a blood test and analysis of 13 biomarkers for women and 17 biomarkers for men.

Glucose (Blood sugar)
⚈ Calcium (Bone health)
LDL cholesterol
Triglycerides (Fats for energy storage)
HbA1c (Average blood sugar)
Albumin (Serum protein)
Free testosterone (Active testosterone)
GGT (Liver enzyme)
SHBG (Sex hormone carrier)
hsCRP (Inflammation indicator)
Red blood cells (Oxygen transport)
Hematocrit (Oxygen transport)
MCH (Oxygen transport)
MCHC (Oxygen transport)
Neutrophils (percent) (Neutrophils Percent of WBC)
Basophils (percent) (Basophils percent of WBC)
Lymphocytes (percent) (Lymphocytes percent of WBC)

⚬ Glucose (Blood sugar)
LDL cholesterol
⚬ Triglycerides (Fats for energy storage)
⚬ HbA1c (Average blood sugar)
⚬ TIBC (Total Iron-Binding Capacity)
⚬ Albumin (Serum protein)
⚬ GGT (Liver enzyme)
⚬ DHEAS (Sex hormone precursor)
⚬ Lymphocytes (Immune system cells)
⚬ RDW (Variation in red blood cell size)
⚬ Eosinophils (percent) (Eosinophils percent of WBC)
⚬ Basophils (percent) (Basophils percent of WBC)
⚬ Monocytes (percent) (Monocytes percent of WBC)
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